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Information for providers

Resources for aged care providers and PHN-funded service providers.

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Telehealth to support the COVID-19 response

As part of the Australian Government’s response to COVID-19, twenty-four new items have been introduced to ensure continued access to essential health services for all Australians.

The new temporary MBS telehealth items will allow providers to continue to deliver essential health care services to patients within their care. The new temporary MBS telehealth items will have similar requirements to normal timed consultation items and must be bulk billed, meaning MBS rebates are paid to the provider.

Financial support measures for service providers

There is a variety of support measures in place for service providers affected by the impact of COVID-19. These include support measures recently announced by the Australian Government, the Queensland Government, tax relief initiatives via the Australian Taxation Office and support packages from Australian banks.

Download the PHN's summary of these support measures below.

Information for aged care providers

Rapid response flowchart

The COVID-19 in a RACF: Overview and flowchart was jointly developed by a State and Commonwealth working group to help ensure Queensland can mobilise quickly and effectively in response to a COVID-19 case in an aged care facility.

Safe Work Australia

The Safe Work Australia page includes resources for workplaces in the Aged Care industry on work health and safety, workers’ compensation and COVID-19.

Visit the Safe Work Australia website for more information.

Information on the use of Personal Protective Equipment

Aged care workers should wear appropriate PPE when they are providing care to suspected case/s of COVID-19 who are awaiting test results in the interim until their test results are confirmed negative (they do not have COVID-19). The appropriate PPE is known as contact and droplet precautions and requires a gown, surgical mask, eye protection and gloves.

Guidelines on the use of PPE when caring for patients in the non-inpatient setting are available on the department's website.

If you have any questions about the use of PPE or if you require PPE, email agedcarecovidppe@health.gov.au.

Support lines
  • a COVID-19 support line has been set up to provide information and support for older Australians, their families and carers. Freecall: 1800 171 866.
  • the FriendLine is for anyone who needs to reconnect or just wants a chat. All conversations with FriendLine are casual and anonymous and friendly volunteers are ready to talk about anything and everything. Call: 1800 424 287.

Public health guidelines

The Communicable Diseases Network Australia has developed these comprehensive national guidelines for the prevention, control and public health management of COVID-19 outbreaks in residential care facilities in Australia that cover:

  • preparedness and prevention
  • a flowchart for COVID-19 management
  • swab collection procedure, and more.

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