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Be prepared to ensure you and your team are ready to respond effectively and efficiently when disasters happen.

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Our region can experience a range of natural disasters including floods, storms, bushfires and pandemics. These emergencies can pose a risk to business continuity in primary care. It is a requirement of the RACGP Standards of General Practice that practices prepare and maintain an emergency response plan (ERP).

The Disaster Preparedness Checklist can help practices prepare for emergencies and support business continuity by considering, developing, and regularly reviewing an emergency response plan.

Top 7 tips to be better prepared for an emergency

  1. develop and maintain an up-to-date emergency response and business continuity plan
  2. exercise/review your plan on a regular basis
  3. contact other practices in your local area and agree on how you might be able to offer mutual support during an event
  4. have a plan in place to send communications to patients about service disruptions or changes
  5. Have a system in place to routinely capture and check patient’s current contact details
  6. Ensure patients with a My Health Record have current information records and an up-to-date shared health summary where appropriate
  7. Take steps to encourage patients to have a face-to-face appointment to ensure continued telehealth eligibility