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Get ready for MyMedicare

MyMedicare is a new voluntary patient registration model for general practice.

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Under this model, patients will be able to register with a chosen general practitioner (GP) at their preferred general practice. Practices will receive incentive payments to deliver wraparound, tailored care to patients.

The initiative will support improved quality and continuity of care, and strengthen relationships between patients and their primary care teams.

Getting ready for MyMedicare

Practices will need to register for MyMedicare.

From 1 July 2023, practices can now:

  1. Check practice eligibility to participate.
  2. Link your Organisation in PRODA to Health Professional Online Services (HPOS).
  3. Once linked, you can access the HPOS Organisation Register to register your practice and link eligible providers.

Patient registration will be made available on 1 October 2023.


Next steps

  • The first step to preparing for MyMedicare is to know and understand your patient base.
  • Undertake data cleansing. This should include developing an agreed definition of active and inactive patients, and ensuring your practice data is accurate, clean and correctly represents your practice population.
  • Establish the value proposition of MyMedicare for your practice.
  • Under the MyMedicare model, patients will be able to register with a "home" or specified general practitioner (GP). Establish how patients could be assigned a principal GP at your practice.
  • Strengthen patient-practitioner relationships. MyMedicare places a premium on the relationship between patients and healthcare providers. It rewards proactive and preventive care, encourages extended telehealth consultations, and incentivises GPs to register frequent hospital attendees.

For general practice enquires and support please contact Practice Support via email at practicesupport@brisbanenorthphn.org.au or call 3490 3495.

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