RELEASE: REdressing Long tErm Antidepressant uSE in general practice

The University of Queensland

Interested in supporting patients to safely stop antidepressants when there is no clinical indication for continued use?

We invite GPs and practices to participate in The University of Queensland study: RELEASE.

The RELEASE study will test in a 3-arm randomised controlled trial the effectiveness of the RELEASE and RELEASE+ interventions compared to usual care in supporting patients to safely stop long-term (>12m) antidepressants where there is no clinical indication for continued use.

In this trial, all prescribing decisions are made as usual by GP and patient together.

What is involved: Practices support patient recruitment by allowing an automated search of the practice database to identify potentially eligible patients, reviewing the list and deselecting patients not eligible for medication review, inviting patients to participate. Patient participation involves completing a survey at baseline, 6-months and 12-months. Practices will be randomised to provide usual care or RELEASE or RELEASE+. The RELEASE intervention has been designed to support safe cessation of antidepressants and includes information and resources.

Remuneration: There is remuneration for participating practices and there are vouchers to recompense GPs, practice managers and patients for their time and support.

CPD: Participating GPs can claim up to 30 CPD hours for participation in research.

Patient benefit: This trial will develop relevant new knowledge to improve primary health care, safe cessation of long-term antidepressants when there is no clinical indication for continued use, minimising adverse effects such as weight gain, falls, fractures, sexual dysfunction, and emotional blunting to improve outcomes for patients.

Funding: Australian Commonwealth Department of Health, Medical Research Future Fund 2020 Clinician Researchers: Applied Research in Health - MRFAR000079, and Australian National Health and Medical Research Council 2021 Partnership Projects PRC3 – 2015744.

Ethical approval: The University of Queensland Human Research Ethics Committee (2022/HE001667)

We would love to have you and your practice join us in this study.

To find out more and to express an interest in joining the study please email Karen Thrift k.thrift@uq.edu.au RELEASE GP Liaison officer.

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