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Reconciliation Action Plan

Reconciliation action plan

The artwork ‘Flowing Knowledge, Healing Country’ was commissioned to represent the PHN’s vision for reconciliation and its launch marks the first anniversary of the endorsement by Reconciliation Australia of the PHN’s Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

Flowing Knowledge, Healing Country

Our stories are heard, our stories are shared, networks are formed. Through song, ceremony and dance, we are one, celebration flows. Rivers of knowledge heal this Country.

The depiction of the water represents the geographical river systems found throughout the region: the Brisbane River, Pine River and Maroochy River systems that continue out to Moreton Bay, the Coral Sea and the Pacific Ocean. We are all connected by water.

Metaphorically, these bodies of water represent our stories and the exchange of knowledge. Through these connections, the exchange of knowledge informs us of how we look after Country and how Country looks after us. The three main symbols represent past, present and the future and the reconciliation directives of respect, relationships and opportunities.

The central symbol represents Brisbane North PHN and the two symbols either side represent both Aboriginal (R) and Torres Strait Islander (L) cultures and knowledges – where the traditional meets with contemporary, two ways of living and learning.

The smaller circular motifs above and below the body of water represent stars that guide us across Country. They also refer to the PHN’s connections throughout the region.

The wavey patterned lines both top and bottom represent Creation Spirits that created the landscapes and gave the law and knowledge; how we care for and respect one another, knowledge of foods and medicines and knowledges of healing – healing Country and in turn healing ourselves.

- Words and artwork by Riki Salam, who runs Indigenous art, design and communications agency We Are 27 Creative.

'Flowing Knowledge, Healing Country' by Riki Salam.

Reconciliation Action Plan

Our PHN recognises that a proactive engagement with reconciliation will contribute towards strengthening relationships and opportunities and building respect between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and other Australians.

Building on the success of our Reflect RAP, the Innovate RAP continues to build on our commitment to reconciliation and social change. The ambitions we have jointly set are helping us to build a health system that is culturally responsive and inclusive for all.

Our Reconciliation Action Plan launch

In June 2019 Aboriginal Elders, Traditional Owners, service providers and community leaders gathered together with Brisbane North PHN staff to celebrate the launch of our first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

Rebecca Johnson, from Indigilez Women’s Leadership and Support Group.

Maurice Serico, representing the Gubbi Gubbi Traditional Custodians.

Indigenous performer Aaron Ruska from the Nunukul Yuggera Aboriginal Dance Company.

Brisbane North PHN is proud to announce they are a member of Reconciliation Queensland.