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The Health Alliance

Brisbane North PHN and Metro North Hospital and Health Service have formalised their partnership by establishing the Health Alliance, dedicated to tackling the thorny issues facing healthcare delivery.

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Working together

In 2016 the Boards of Metro North HHS and Brisbane North PHN agreed there would be great value in creating a space where different parts of the health sector could come together to address problems that no one part of the sector could address on its own. They invested in the Health Alliance, a backbone support for local collaborative action focused on improving outcomes for people, and for the health system itself.

A joint Committee of the Boards from Metro North HHS and Brisbane North PHN was established to govern the work, building on a track record of collaboration and partnership in the North Brisbane and Moreton Bay region.

A neutral space

The Alliance is positioned to create ‘Switzerland’, a neutral space where different stakeholders can come together on equal footing.

At the local level, the Health Alliance supports stakeholders to develop a shared view of the system issues, and a shared view of how they can collectively act to improve care and outcomes. Localised solutions have been developed that engage with the complexity of the health system, underpinned by efforts to connect data and information in a meaningful way.

At a macro level, the Alliance engages with health system funders to discuss how more effective funding processes can support improvements in health system performance, and the health outcomes of our communities.