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Health Alliance

The Health Alliance is a joint initiative between Metro North Health and Brisbane North PHN.

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Our vision is for people to experience a seamless, integrated and navigable system of care that delivers quality health outcomes in the North Brisbane and Moreton Bay region.

About the Health Alliance

Established in 2017 as a collaboration between Metro North Health and Brisbane North PHN, the Alliance builds on a track record of partnership to break down barriers in healthcare for communities within North Brisbane, Moreton Bay and parts of the Sommerset region.

The strategic direction of the Alliance is guided by a Joint Board Committee (JBC), with membership from both the PHN and Metro North Health, including the chief executives of each. The JBC is an important mechanism where overall governance is shared, in order to identify and respond to the system-wide challenges that no organisation can solve on its own.

Our work

The Health Alliance works closely with community and key stakeholders across the North Brisbane and Moreton Bay region to identify barriers in giving and receiving health care. Based on this engagement, key focus areas are developed to prioritise which initiatives are delivered.

Find out more by visiting the Health Alliance website.