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Our vision

Our vision is a community where good health is available to everyone.

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We work with others to understand our community and the outcomes they seek, to produce the best possible health and community care system for the people of our region.


Be informed and led by community

  • Understand community needs
  • Enable self-determination by First Nations people
  • Strengthen lived and living experience participation.

Facilitate care closer to home

  • Invest in community based models of care
  • Enable consumers to access healthcare when needed
  • Strengthen earlier intervention.

Address health gaps and inequities

  • Commission services to address identified gaps
  • Foster purposeful collaboration and partnerships
  • Deliver new solutions and build evidence.

Transform and connect primary healthcare

  • Support high performing primary healthcare
  • Work towards an integrated healthcare system
  • Support workforce capacity and sustainability.

Drive organisational excellence

  • Maintain strong corporate governance
  • Enable a thriving culture
  • Utilise effective systems and processes.



We build strong and enduring relationships to achieve our shared goals


We are inclusive, fair and responsive to different needs


We are transparent, respectful and work to the highest standards


We lead new approaches, learn and improve


We deliver outcomes for our community

Strategic Plan 2024-27

Download our vision, mission, goals and values as a PDF document.

Performance Framework

Download our performance framework as a PDF document.