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Our vision

Our vision is a community where good health is available to everyone.

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We work with others to create and deliver the best possible health and community care system for the people of our region.

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Be informed and led by community voice

As an organisation, the PHN is dedicated to listening to our community and strengthening the voice of consumers and carers. We endeavour to build the capacity of people and communities to influence and lead system design. We particularly acknowledge our responsibility to ensure self-determination for First Nations peoples.

Re-orient the health system toward care close to home

Australians prefer to live healthy lives, in their own homes, as long as possible. Moving care closer to home requires a rebalanced investment into community based services including in-home care and greater power and knowledge in the hands of consumers to better manage their own care. Evidence shows that the best population health outcomes are achieved in systems with strong investment in primary healthcare. The PHN seeks to translate this evidence into practice.

Build capacity of providers to meet health needs of our region

In order for care to be provided closer to home, the capacity of community based services such as general practice, allied health, pharmacy and community aged care need to be enhanced. The PHN provides a range of complimentary services aimed at building quality and increasing integration of services. In addition, the PHN commissions a wide range of health services aimed at identified gaps in current health service delivery and promotes joint planning and collective impact approaches to align services toward common goals.


  • Community focused, through strong and productive relationships.
  • Embracing diversity and striving for equity.
  • Demonstrating passion to innovate and achieve outcomes.
  • Acting with integrity and accountability to our community.

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