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Our team

Our vision is a community where good health is available for everyone. We work with others to create and deliver the best possible health and community care system for the people of our region.


We support clinicians and communities in Brisbane’s northern suburbs, Moreton Bay Regional Council and parts of Somerset Regional Council. Our region covers approximately 4,100 km2 of urban, regional and rural areas, with a population of over one million.

We are one of 31 Primary Health Networks across Australia. We work with local communities, consumers, carers, health professionals, hospitals and community providers to understand our community and their needs. We then engage stakeholders to design and commission programs and services to meet those needs.


Meet the Brisbane North PHN board of directors.

Brisbane North PHN is led by a qualified and accomplished team of leading skills-based professionals with hands-on experience in our region.


Find contact details for key staff and programs at Brisbane North PHN.




Care Coordination

Sharon Gavioli

Call 07 3630 7300

Communications and Engagement

Adam Waldock

Call 07 3630 7300

Knowledge, Planning and Performance

Tonita Taylor

Call 07 3630 7300


Tony Forster

Call 07 3630 7300

Healthy Ageing

Julie Morrow

Call 07 3630 7300

Human Resources

Emma Gunn

Call 07 3630 7300

Information Services

Simon Carr

Call 07 3630 7300


Michelle Bruckner

Call 07 3630 7300

Mental Health Reform

Naomi Laauli

Call 07 3490 3490

Primary Care Liaison

Amanda Queen

Call 07 3630 7300

Priority Communities

Kathy Faulkner

Call 07 3630 7300

Corporate Services

Accounts Administrator

Julie Hartley

Call 07 3630 7300

Accounts Payable Officer

Amanda Abbott

Call 07 3630 7300

Public Relations Officer

Adam Waldock

Call 07 3630 7344

Other Contacts

Health Workforce Innovations

Maralan Southern

Call 07 3630 7300

Service Navigator
My Mental Health Service Navigation

Call 1800 250 502
Call 1800 752 235

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Download the Welcome to Brisbane North PHN flyer (PDF)