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A Joint Protocol for working together to enhance health outcomes

05 February 2024

Brisbane North PHN and Metro North Health commenced 2024 by reaffirming our joint commitment to creating and delivering the best possible health and community care system for the people of our shared region.

Following a three-year term, our Joint Protocol with Metro North Health (MNH), was last month reviewed and renewed.

The Protocol formalises and provides governance around ways of working together, recognising that better health outcomes are achieved through robust partnership.

The Protocol’s implementation is overseen by the Joint Board Committee, whose purpose is to support and endorse it and other broad strategic directions and initiatives. This committee is comprised of Brisbane North PHN and Metro North Health board members, alongside the CEs, who meet quarterly to discuss strategic opportunities to collaborate for better integrating primary healthcare and our Health and Hospital Service (HHS) for the benefit of our communities.

The Joint Board Committee and Joint Operational Group are two of several partnership initiatives shared by Brisbane North PHN and Metro North Health, helping to strengthen the interface between primary and secondary care across North Brisbane and Moreton Bay.

MN PHN alliance signing

Pictured L-R: Photo: Ms Jackie Hanson | Chief Executive Officer | Metro North Health, Associate Professor Glen Kennedy | Executive Director, Clinical Services | Metro North Health, Libby Dunstan | Chief Executive Officer | Brisbane North PHN, Rachelle Foreman | Executive Manager, Health Systems Improvement | Brisbane North PHN.