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PHN values in action at Staff Development Day

22 May 2023
Organisational Development Group

Earlier this month, all staff convened for Brisbane North PHN’s twice yearly Staff Development Day – an opportunity for the whole of organisation to come together, reflect on our shared values and vision, set our course for the next six months of work, and engage in creativity and team building outside our usual roles.

“Great to get staff input into the strategic plan.”

We started with a “macro” look at Brisbane North PHN’s mission and organisational values, with Nous Group convening a series of strategic planning sessions for the morning. Staff were given the first look at the 2023 – 2025 Strategic Plan, and an opportunity to give voice to our own reflections to ensure it was aligned with our shared organisational goals, and fit for purpose in helping us to reach them. Insights were shared around what it means to be a high performing organisation, and how we can more deeply weave these values into the fabric and framework of our PHN.

“Team building was a nice way to get to know colleagues who you would not normally get the opportunity to speak with.”

Then it was time to put our values – and creativity! – into action with a team-building session designed to help us think about how we embody Courage, Collaboration, Integrity, Impact and Diversity within our program teams.

“It was great to understand the other teams in the PHN and to understand their roles.”

In a nod to Impact, the day was wrapped up with staff recognition awards, given to individuals and teams who are exceptional leaders, contributors or epithets of our five values.

A warm thank you from all staff to the Organisation Development Group and People and Culture team for a very meaningful day.

“In a busy work environment it can be hard to commit time to whole of organisation activities, but they are always time well invested.”

IMG 4235
IMG 4247

Brisbane North PHN's values being interpreted by our crafty program teams; our individual staff recognition award winners; and our "multiple award-winning" Team Care Coordination team.