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Protecting our homebound patients with access to COVID vaccinations

09 October 2023
Healthy ageing

While thousands of Australians were lining up at vaccination centres or visiting their GP or pharmacist to receive a COVID vaccination, many were left at home and unable to make the journey to do so.

Many of these homebound patients were older people or individuals suffering from a medical condition who were at an increased risk of suffering adverse COVID effects.

Since August 2021, Brisbane North PHN has helped over 240 homebound patients to receive their first, second, third and booster doses of the COVID vaccination.

Brisbane North PHN has received referrals via our Request for at-home COVID-19 vaccination online form, referrals from GPs, community service providers and calls directly from the community. We have then liaised with vaccine providers, GPs and pharmacists to attend homebound patients. When talking with these individuals, each person has their own story to tell and are so relieved to hear that help is on its way.

In our experience, children of older patients over this time have been desperate to find a way to have their parents vaccinated and are so grateful for any help. An important part of coordinating these homebound vaccinations has been to take the time to talk to each person, hear the story behind the enquiry and offer reassurance - this is one example of instances of care our team has found particularly touching.