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Welcome to PHN Talk

24 April 2023
Communications and engagement

Welcome to our PHN Talk blog – a collection of intra-organisational good news stories written by and for Brisbane North PHN staff and stakeholders who would like to stay up to date with our programs and progress.

Like our organisation, PHN Talk will be collaborative in spirit, co-authored by our program teams to give more personalised accounts of the various ways in which we contribute to a shared vision of a community where good health is available to everyone. These blog posts will give visibility to the work and achievements that often remain behind the scenes and ensure that each team and individual staff member’s contribution is recognised and celebrated.

We envision that this channel will offer a real-time (and real life!) account of the work – from the “meta” and milestone, to the everyday minutiae – being undertaken by and at Brisbane North PHN. With time, PHN Talk will read as an online narrative of our journey working towards better health outcomes for our region.

Please follow along, “like” and share.

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