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Support for residential aged care

We offer training, resources and collaborative groups to support residential aged care facility staff to deliver high quality care for their residents.

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The support offered includes:

  • distribution of the Yellow Envelopes Clinical Handover Tool
  • Clinical Pathway education and clinical coaching
  • dementia care workforce skills training
  • wounds education and clinical support
  • participation in RACF Collaboratives

Yellow Envelope clinical handover tool

A clinical handover tool designed for use within the North Brisbane and Moreton Bay catchment to support the transfer of aged care residents to and from hospital.

The Yellow Envelope clinical handover tool enables:

  • effective clinical handover to other care settings
  • the ability to share resident documents including Advanced Care Health Directives
  • the ability to implement changes in resident care on return from other clinical settings.

Watch the Yellow Envelope clinical handover tool video.

Place an order

Aged care services wishing to obtain copies of the Yellow Envelope can contact Brisbane North PHN on 07 3630 7300 or email agedcareprojects@brisbanenorthphn.org.au.

Download the Residential Aged Care Facility transfer to hospital form below.

Clinical Pathways in residential aged care facilities

This project aims to improve RACF nursing staff understanding of the management of acute care needs of residents, through training in selected clinical pathways.

The project is:

  • delivered by a nurse practitioner who has expertise in the clinical care of people living in residential aged care
  • offering clinical coaching to embed learnings
  • focusing on strengthening the communication between RACF’s and the Regional Aged Care District Assessment and Referral Service (RADAR).

Clinical pathways were developed by Clinical Excellence Queensland.

For more information email agedcareprojects@brisbanenorthphn.org.au.

Read the Management of acute care needs of RACF residents publication from Clinical Excellence Queensland.

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