Bribie Island After-Hours Pilot Project wraps up twenty months of quality care

May 22, 2024

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Services ceasing June 2024.

After a successful 20 months delivering after-hours care to Bribie Island residents and visitors, Bribie Doctors Banksia beach will cease pilot operations in June.

Over forty per cent of Bribie Island’s population is over the age of 65. Bribie Doctors Banksia Beach was selected to commence the clinic in October 2022 after a need was identified to extend access to GPs after-hours for this community.

The clinic has been operating from 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm Monday to Wednesday, offering urgent or after-hours services within the scope of primary care. As of January 2024, Bribie Doctors had serviced over 1,300 patients with presentations ranging from respiratory illness, minor burns and cuts requiring sutures, children who became unwell during the evening, through to more acute cases of chest pain.

Brisbane North PHN met with the clinic in February to hear about instances of life-saving care they provided throughout the pilot – including to a young child experiencing an asthma attack who was able to receive GP support until emergency services could attend to them, and a seriously ill woman who was able to be triaged, transported to hospital and successfully recategorized as a Category 4 patient to undergo critical surgery. Had these patients been unable to present to the clinic outside of hours, both cases could have been fatal.

"Members of the community found it comforting that the service is available and accessible when needed."

Feeback from the Beacon Strategies Rapid Review of Bribie Island After-Hours Pilot Project Final Report

Brisbane North PHN is grateful for Bribie Doctors Group's dedication to the pilot, demonstrating agility in their opening hours to meet the changing needs of the community, and willingness to trial new approaches, including digital tools to support after-hours telehealth. The clinic has been able to offer an invaluable community service in the interim period while the Bribie Satellite Hospital, encompassing a Minor Accident and Injuries Clinic, is built and due to open in July 2024.

The clinic will continue to operate until the end of June (date to be confirmed and communicated), with alternate after-hours and urgent care pathways available to patients in the region thereafter.

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