New national resource explains aged care referral options

July 05, 2021

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An easy-to-follow referral guide is now available to help GPs, specialists and other health professionals in supporting their patients to access aged care services.

Developed in consultation with health professionals by Brisbane North and Brisbane South PHN, the aged care system resource guide is designed to help health care professionals better navigate the aged care system and support their older patients to make informed decisions about their care.

The digital PDF resource features a colour-coded flow chart that links aged care programs to referral processes and outlines referral options for aged care Australia-wide.

Executive Manager for Aged and Community Care System Improvement at Brisbane North PHN, Sharon Sweeney (pictured), said health professionals are a key contact point for patients attempting to navigate the complex aged care system.

“Australia has an ageing population that is increasingly aware of self-determination and individual responsibility for achieving good health and wellbeing,” Ms Sweeney said.

“As a result, people are more likely to seek the advice of health professionals when choosing aged care services that meet their needs,” she said.

Laura Casey, Brisbane South PHN's Program Manager for Older People added, “At Brisbane South and Brisbane North PHN we are proudly supporting people in our community to live healthy and fulfilling lives as they age.”

“We hope this guide will empower health care professionals to support their older patients to confidently make informed choices about their long-term care, and where possible, help them to live independently for longer," Ms Casey said.

The guide offers advice on referring via the My Aged Care portal and about how to find suitable additional supports for vulnerable clients and their carers.

It also includes links to consumer guides for relevant aged care programs.

To download the resource, go to https://bnphn.org/AC-refer.

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