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Primary health insights heralds a new era of secure data storage

Nov 09, 2020

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PHNs across Australia are currently in the process of migrating data to Primary Health Insights (PHI)—a secure storage and analytics solution designed to store data collected in accordance with existing Data Sharing Agreements and privacy legislation.

Primary Health Insights brings together:

  • robust data governance
  • advanced data analytic tools
  • leading edge cyber security
  • current and scalable technology
  • a community of primary health informatics experts to improve population health outcomes for all Australians.

The vision for PHI is to provide easy-to-use reporting and analytics of data to support PHNs and healthcare providers to make informed decisions about Australian primary healthcare delivery.

Brisbane North PHN will be migrating data onto PHI from mid-November 2020.

There are no changes to how general practice or other service providers provide data to the PHN, and no changes to the existing contracts in place with the range of service providers.

Why is the PHN using Primary Health Insights?

Primary Health Insights is a collective solution developed by the majority of PHNs to standardise data security, governance and processes associated with data storage and analysis. Primary Health Insights provides a safe, robust and scalable data warehouse solution to support PHNs with data analytics and reporting needs.

What data will be stored on Primary Health Insights?

The PHN will be storing the Population Health Dataset provided by general practices using the PEN CS tools and the Primary Mental Health Care Minimum Dataset, collected by referrers and providers delivering PHN funded mental health and suicide prevention services. Eventually, the PHN will move all of its data warehouse requirements to the PHI platform.

Who has access to the data?

There will be no changes to who has access to the data we currently collect from general practice and other service providers.

Is the data safe and secure?

Yes, the Primary Health Insights platform lives in the Australian-based Microsoft Azure data platform which is accredited to ISO 27000 compliance and has met the requirements of the Australian Government for secure storage of both ‘sensitive’ and ‘protected’ information through the Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP). The PHN has a robust Data Governance Framework and Information Security Management System. We comply with all applicable laws in relation to the collection, storage, access, use, disclosure or transmission of data including Privacy Law.

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