Lived experience engagement

Mental Health peer participation and lived experience networks.

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PPIMS network

The Peer Participation in Mental Health Services (PPIMS) network was established to provide opportunities for people with lived experience, consumers and carers to have a collective voice and actively participate in the design, implementation and evaluation of mental health services and reforms. The PPIMS network has set their sights on the future goal to be part of building a culture and commitment at an executive level to empower people with a lived experience.

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MHLEEN network

The Mental Health Lived Experience Engagement Network (MHLEEN) was established to provide support to PHNs to embed consumer and carer participation into the commissioning cycle and to promote and develop the lived experience workforce in Australia. A key piece of work being undertaken in 2021 is national co-design of three leadership projects in partnership with the National Mental Health Consumer and Carer Forum. The three projects aim to develop the knowledge and skills of consumers and carers to participate in co-design and leadership, and to guide organisations and jurisdictions when engaging with people with a lived experience. Additional priorities are to continue to build the capacity of PHNs, people with a lived experience and the lived experience workforce, as well as collaborating with key stakeholders.

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