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Commissioning and partnerships

Commissioning enables us to use our resources to improve outcomes and shape the health of the community care system.

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What is commissioning?

Commissioning underpins all of our work as a PHN.

Commissioning involves analysing, planning, supporting GPs and other health care providers, and buying health and community care interventions.

However, procuring services is only one possible outcome to the commissioning process.

This process relies on our relationships with local partners that are built on trust. We work with community members and other stakeholders to identify needs and co-design solutions.

What does it involve?

Commissioning is an ongoing process. We assess our community's needs by consulting with community members, then designing solutions with stakeholders.

Our transparent processes promote implementing these solutions, and this includes the way we identify potential service providers.

These solutions are then evaluated, and the outcomes are used to inform further assessment and planning.


Understand the community's needs

  • analyse data
  • engage and consult with consumers, clinicians, carers and providers, peak bodies, community organisations and funders

Co-design solutions

  • engage with stakeholders, including consumer representatives, peak bodies, community organisations, potential providers and other funders (to develop evidence-based and outcome-focused solutions)

Manage through relationships

  • work in partnership, building connections at multiple levels of partner organisations and facilitate links between stakeholders

Monitor and evaluate

  • conduct regular performance reports
  • seek consumer, clinician, community and provider feedback and conduct independent evaluation.

Learn more about our integrated and collaborative approach to commissioning.

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If your organisation is interested in working with the PHN, please register via our tenders, quotes and expression of interest portal - Tenderlink.

Partnership protocols

Better health outcomes are achievable when primary healthcare and hospital services collaborate.

Joint protocol with Metro North Health

Our joint protocol with the Metro North Health recognises this and formalises our collaborative working arrangement.

The agreement was refreshed in December 2018, and this coincided with the release of a joint Year in Review report, documenting the shared achievements of both organisations during 2017–2018.

This report, Working together to enhance health outcomes 2017/18, represents the first time achievements under the joint protocol have been presented collectively by the two organisations.

Joint Operational Group

The Joint Operational Group's purpose is to endorse, monitor and support strategic directions and initiatives to support the implementation of the Protocol between Metro North Health and Brisbane North PHN. The Committee is also responsible for reviewing monthly outcomes reports from all initiatives, which include financial status.

Joint board committee

A joint board committee of board members from the PHN and Metro North Health, also meet regularly to discuss the interface between primary and secondary care, further strengthening the partnership between organisations.

Joint protocol with Children's Health Queensland

Brisbane North PHN and Children's Health Queensland (CHQ) are committed to a joint and coordinated approach to the development of strategic and operational plans that are grounded in a common understanding of the health needs of the Brisbane North community.