Brisbane North PHN unveils 2024-2027 Strategic Plan

Feb 15, 2024

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A new year with a new organisational roadmap to build on our strengths and achievements.

Last week Brisbane North PHN CEO Libby Dunstan and Board Chair Dr Jennifer Schafer, with the support of their Board and Executive colleagues, unveiled the new 2024-2027 Strategic Plan to our partners and stakeholders.

The Board commenced a review of the then current Strategic Plan in March 2023 that aimed to reflect and respond to new opportunities and challenges, and maximise organisational success. This was a highly consultative process that sought out, and was informed by, the voices and insights of both internal and external stakeholders who offered an enriched and deepened understanding of our community’s needs.

Our vision and values remain unchanged and central to the work we do. The refreshed Plan delivers an updated mission, describing how we want to do this work, five reframed and refocused strategic goals to work towards, and reflects the new Quintuple Aim, which adopts health equity as the fifth tenet of our Performance Framework.

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Our goals in focus

Core to our role as a commissioning organisation, we have added a goal that seeks to address health gaps and inequities.

We remain informed and led by community voice, and have strongly called out our commitment for self-determination for our First Nations communities and strengthening lived and living experience.

We seek to facilitate care closer to home, with an added focus on earlier intervention. We continue to work towards building community-based models of care and ensuring consumers can navigate the healthcare system.

Transforming and connecting primary healthcare to build a high performing and sustainable system that works as part of the broader health system is foundational for our organisation.

As always, we drive organisational excellence to enable us to achieve these goals.

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Brisbane North PHN’s 2024-2027 Strategic Plan represents a “deep reflection of who we are and where we’re going,” said Dr Schafer, PHN Board Chair, at its official launch.

Dr Schafer and Ms Dunstan were emphatic about the ambition, integrity and courage with which the PHN would pursue these goals – in pursuit of our vision of a community where good health is available to everyone.

The event was followed by networking and refreshments.

Download Brisbane North PHN’s 2024-2027 Strategic Plan.

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